OpenFeint Promotes One-Touch App Shopping


aurora-openfeint-one-touch-ipromote-iphoneAurora Feint is following up the March launch of its OpenFeint V1.0 development platform with OpenFeint V1.5, which will give game devs a new way to promote and sell their apps.

OpenFeint V1.5, released this week, is an open platform that other developers can use to add social networking and community features such as player profiles, buddy lists, walls, news feeds and chat rooms to their mobile game.

The platform consists of a server and client. Aurora Feint hosts and maintains the OpenFeint server, which is compatible with Google’s OpenSocial REST API and is accessible through the OpenFeint Client code library and sample UI code from Aurora Feint.

V1.5 includes what Aurora Feint calls "One Touch iPromote," which adds to an app the ability for a gamer to view descriptions and screenshots of other apps and buy them, via the App Store. The aim is to give game developers a way to cross promote their apps, Aurora Feint says.

One Touch iPromote is based on a revenue-sharing model for sales driven by OpenFeint. Previously available OpenFeint Platform Services such as leaderboards and chat rooms will remain free for non-paid apps and based on the number of multiple users for paid apps.

Aurora Feint will select 100 paid games in the next 2 weeks for cross promotion to audiences of dozens of OpenFeint-enabled games such as Pocket God by Bolt Creative and Aurora Feint's titles.

Registration is open for developers and Version 1.5 client source code is available for download under LGPL.

Four weeks ago, Aurora Feint announced dozens of applications supporting the launch of OpenFeint 1.0. The list included at least two reviewed by AppCraver: Virtual Stock Market by Rahul Saraf and Radio Flare by Studio Radiolaris.

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