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ohpan iphone appOhpan is an iPhone app in the making. It’s a newsreader from AType Studios that adapts to delivering news bits that are most relevant to your. “Ohpan,” is pronounced “Open,” which is only a guess because I never did get around to asking anyone to be certain.

As a newsreader, Ohpan gathers the zillions of bits of tech, celebrity, financial and other news from RSS/ATOM feeds and shoots them to your handheld. It works just like dozens and dozens of newsreader apps already in the App Store.

So just what makes this one so special?

What Ohpan aspires to do is send content to you over a big pipe and let you add the valves, spigots and gauges so you get only the content that is relevant to you. Here, it’s all about personalization.

The problem is that Ohpan isn’t ready to deliver on it promise, at least not in a way that’s is any different than any other specialized newsreader. Admittedly, Ohpan  is still in the early stages and so it not evolved enough to recommend it over any other newsreaders you might be using.

Ohpan.com, the AType Studios' Web site, where you can set up an account and presumably add more filters and customizations to your feed is still in its  rough beta stage.

Ohpan comes prepopulated with a well-organized and colorful list of topics or “Communities,” such as Tech News, Creativity, Health and Style. That’s not unique but the set up encourages you to explore.

There’s an account registration and login screen, but Ohpan creates a username and automatically logs you in.  Sooner or later you’ll be asked to register to receive more personalized content.

Works for me. I don’t have to register for a site I may decide not to use (I already have plenty of those) and I was able to take Ohpan out for a spin right away.

I use a combination of newsreaders and I try new ones all the time. The one I’ve used the longest is Mateusz Rajca’s Gazette, which I reviewed last year. Ohpan is on the right track, but it's not ready to replace my favorite reader yet.

If you're the early adopter kind that likes to be in on the ground floor of new things that could be great, then give Ohpan a chance. The company clearly has plans for the future. If you prefer a more polished app then wait. But keep Ohpan on your list, it will be interesting to see what happens with this hyper-personalized news reader.

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