OrganiDoc HD Makes File Management a Snap for iPad

OrganiDoc HD - Your best file manager and PDF viewer on iPad (AppStore Link)
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OrganiDoc HD - Your best file manager and PDF viewer on iPad
Developer: Wenjoy Technology Inc.
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

OrganiDoc HD for iPadThere is no doubt that the iPad and other tablets have become an integral part of our daily lives. And rightly so since you can store photos, edit documents, create movies or crank out a song programs like GarageBand. This has also led to an abundance of files scattered throughout your device. One company taking on the challenge of organizing all of this data is Wenjoy. Their OrganiDoc HD app offers an intuitive user interface and is a solid file management option for your iPad.

Out of the box, OrganiDoc HD comes with the capability to organize a litany of files such as MS Office documents, iWorks, PDFs, text files, web files (htm, html, etc.) as well as zip and far files. Offering access to all of these documents is an essential key to making this a worthwhile download. The unzip support can prove useful on the fly. And all files are automatically categorized between documents, photos and video. Handy for quickly finding the doc you need. They are easy to sort by date, size and type as well. 

Beyond organizing files on your device, OrganiDoc HD also plays nice with cloud storage, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Public iDisk, and a few more. It's simple to setup access with these services as you only need to enter a few account details.

At its heart, OrganiDoc HD acts as a flash drive of sorts. It's a good backup system, especially with its file transfer capabilities between PC and iPad. Beyond its backup and cloud services, the app also provides a highly useful password protection option. It's basically a subfolder that when documents are moved to it they require a user set password to open. I can see this being useful for sensitive documents or files that you just don't want moved, erased, etc. My daughter uses my iPad all the time and I'm always worried she'll delete something.

An especially useful function is the ability to save files from emails directly to the app. Between clients, family and friends, I have a ton of documents and photos that come through on a daily basis. This makes it easy to store them in an organized system.

OrganiDoc HD is a very robust file management system for iPad. With its expanded capabilities to handle multiple file types, integration with cloud storage services and unzip support, this app is a great flash drive option.

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