Ouch! is Fun to Play, but Even More Fun to Set Up

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ouch iphone appHondune Games' Ouch! is a combination of merriment and masochism featuring a customizable "rag doll" character to be abused in a multitude of scenes and scenarios with realistic physics and sounds.

As you play through the scenes in Ouch!, a score is awarded based on how much damage the character has taken. The basic control of Ouch! is to utilize the tilt to guide the character into as many objects as possible, with variations such as "nudging" him into motion and interacting with prop items to create maximum damage.

"Nudges" are finger swipes across the screen, to guide him a bit in a different direction. The instructions note that some rounds will limit the number of nudges available. Impact with objects will cause your character's body part to flash red. Don't forget that when playing Ouch! physical damage is the goal!

Props, such as pinball flippers, trash can, cannons, rockets, a sled and cars, are easy to distinguish by a large red button, a touch offers interaction between your character and the, hopefully, dangerous object.

The instructions in Ouch! offer a complex and useful tip, that one may not stumble across otherwise, for toggling between an in-game camera — the default option — and a free camera that moves about and gives zoom capabilities. Dragging one finger pans the free-camera and pinching with two fingers makes it zoom in and out.

Ouch!'s coolest feature is in its ability to let the user edit and create scenery. The physics-based game has a ton of options and features to edit — including the character and scenes which can be exported and shared with other players.

Creating a new character in Ouch! is as simple as either importing a facial image from the iPod's library, taking an iPhone pic or using the available options and creating a character by selecting the proportions, outfit, one of five faces along with an expression and hairstyle, a silly hat or accessory.

Playing Ouch! is fun but it's not the fulfilling thrill one might expect. For such an elaborate set up, the resulting game seems almost anticlimactic. More complex gameplay would make the interactive and creation options more useful. The premise of Ouch! just doesn't pack a punch the way the preparation does.

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