Ow My Balls! Will Either Make You Smile or Sore

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Ow My Balls!
Developer: Jetson Creative LLC
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

ow-my-balls-jetson-creative-app-iphoneOw my Balls! is a game some people will think is hilarious and some will think it’s kick in the pants.

If you like farts, have a loopy sense of humor, or are about 7 or 8 years old, you’ll think Ow My Balls! is “milk out the nose,” funny to paraphrase Jetson Creative, the developer.

Here’s the scenario. You’re Joe the Juggler standing on a building’s top ledge,  juggling balls, when out of nowhere someone boots you off. Actually, you swipe the screen and then a bare foot kicks your butt into open air. The longer you swipe the farther you’ll fly.

As you wildly flail your arms, the only thing to prevent your immediate descent is to cut a few good farts. Tilting the screen  and farting at strategic times will keep you flying, picking up points and earning more farts to propel you. Farts can only go so far before you run out of gas and crash. When you hit ground, you yell, “Ow my balls!” and grab your crotch.

You score points for hitting objects such as birds and satellite dishes on your way down.

This game is kind of stinky, but I expect that many people will tell me to lighten up. I just didn’t see the humor in Ow My Balls! The novelty wore off quickly and what 's left is a  game that isn't engaging enough to make me want to play it repeatedly. The graphics are a bit crude — the cartoons are not particularly well drawn — and the game’s physics, which come into play when you’re falling and hitting objects with your crotch, is more jittery than smooth.

Ow My Balls! crashed on me once, but I think that's what it's supposed to do.

Here, take a look at decide for yourself:


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