Pac-Man Lite Tops List of Free Apps in iTunes Store

PAC-MAN Lite (AppStore Link)
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Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Pac-man Lite iPhone gamePac-Man Lite - Classic arcade gamers can keep their change for more important things by downloading PAC-MAN Lite. The paid version of this vintage star has been in the app store for a while, but this full-featured free demo is a first for Namco Networks.

Let's hope other game makers take note. Classic games are great for nostalgia and can be a lot of fun when updated for the iPhone and iPod Touch. However, $7-10 is too much to pay for memories. A free version, such as PAC-MAN Lite can be a great ambassador for a game company that wants to promote its entertainment line-up.

First generation iPod Touch owners should note that as of this writing, PAC-MAN Lite does NOT work on these devices.

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  • Matthew.e

    What is the reasoning behind not working on a 1G iPod Touch?

    Arent they identical except for the back, external speaker and inline mic?

  • ChelseeW

    7 to 10 dollars?! For a Packman iPhone App? Too expensive for nostalgic memories indeed. I love Packman, but not that much. Sorry Matthew, hopefully someone else can answer your question. Anyone??? ...Bueller??