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Cocktails HD: Perfect For Fancy People Who Put Booze in a Glass

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I’m just going to do this review in full-on geezer mode. (For a female perspective on Cocktails HD, see our previous review of the iPhone version, Pocket Cocktails.)
Here’s how you make a martini.

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Notes Plus: Close Up Look Reveals Full-Featured Productivity on the iPad

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Notes Plus is a full-featured note-taking application, complete with improvements on almost everything you can do with a pad of paper and a pen. I do have complaints, but they are utopian. Measured against the competition, Notes Plus seems ideal.

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After the Beep! Turns Your iPhone into a Lie-Phone

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After the Beep! has a quality found in very few apps: it provides a set of features, then leaves it to you to dream up countless uses. The features seem straightforward at a glance. The user simply records a short message with his or her voice, “tweaks” the message with a variety of pre-set distortions and background noises, then sends the message off to friends through Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, or even a clever direct-to-voicemail feature.

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CosmicPainter: Create Moving Art With Multi-Touch (Video Demo)

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It's hard to categorize CosmicPainter, unless you're familiar with the world of VJing. That's a special place where it's deemed important to be able to create patterned artwork in motion, because sometimes you just need peoples' eyeballs glued to a screen displaying no representative visual content.

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Teach Me Sushi Expert - The Sushi Expert Followup

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A follow up to the first sushi instructional app, Teach Me Sushi Expert has the same informative, quality video instruction as the original Teach Me Sushi, but includes a few added features.

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Lawn Mower Kids is an Allergy-Free Good Time

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Lawn Mower Kids is a game where you control kids as they mow lawns around their neighborhood. Trust me: it's a lot more fun than it sounds.
Law Mower Kids is actually a twist on the classic "real-time strategy" gaming genre.

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