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FitClick Diet & Exercise Tracker Works, but Can't Compete

If you have an iPhone and want to keep track of your caloric intake and output, then FitClick Diet & Workout Tracker is one option for doing so. Working in conjunction with the Fit Click website, Fit Click Diet & Workout Tracker keeps track of your daily calorie balance by allowing you to input the foods you eat and the exercise you do each day and balancing them out for your review.

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The Jeff Dunham iPhone Application

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Fans of Jeff Dunham and his iconic ventriloquist's dummies received a shout out earlier this month with the addition of The Jeff Dunham iPhone Application to the App Store. Essentially a promotional tool for Dunham's 2010-2011 tour, The Jeff Dunham iPhone Application provides instant access to news, videos, touring locations, and iTunes material.

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It May be Hot, but No Pool Needed for Dice Diving

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Dice Diving. It might sound odd, and to be sure it is different, but Dice Diving isn't a game you play in the pool, it's an iPhone game developed by Larry Snyder. Not quite Yahtzee, nor Phase 10 dice, but a combination of dice games that presents a unique format and scoring system for playing.

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Rule the Lot with Park Rush HD

Park Rush HD will have you frantically racing through a parking lot to park and retrieve cars for customers with a short fuse.
The game launches with you choosing either Johnny or Lilian to manage the parking lot.

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Control Your PC with Jumi Mouse

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JumiMouse Plus enables near total control of your PC. For Windows machines a user can control the mouse, enter text, or take over other programs.
JumiMouse works well at working as a touch-mouse remote for a computer, which is an ideal way to control things such as media playback or simple scrolling.

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Keep Your Brain Hopping with Frogiz Puzzle Logic

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It's always refreshing to find a good puzzle game burried in the App Store that is both unique and fun to play. Frogiz may not be on your radar, but if you enjoy puzzles it's worth a look. Similar to Fling!, but with its own unique objective and more layered, Frogiz features a 5 x 5 grid with pink and green frogs and round and square lillypads.

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