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Test Sushi Skills at Suzie's Sushi House

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If you always fancied yourself a sushi chef then here is the chance for culinary glory with Suzie's Sushi House.
The premise is to satisfy needy sushi customers by quickly serving up their rolls.

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Get Free Video Search and Sharing with VideoBox

VideoBox by LiveMixing, Inc. is a video app that gives access to popular video sharing sites and allows users to watch, download and share videos with friends. VideoBox features a search function, email and also allows users to push video from their computer to their phone.

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Cartoon Roach Has Smashing Fun

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If you ran to the whack-a-mole booth when visiting a favorite arcade or just love to squash insects then Cartoon Roach may be just the game you need.
It is one of those games with a fun, simple concept that makes for a great time killer; the object is to go nuts smashing roaches as they scurry across the screen.

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Baby Rescue is Pint-Sized Piloting Fun

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If piloting a helicopter and rescuing innocent anime babies stranded all over the world is your idea of fun, then Baby Rescue by Kooapps LLC is the game for you.
Using basic touch screen controlls combined with the accelerometer feature of the iPhone, you pilot a helicopter across colorfully animated landscapes with the mission of rescuing all babies on the level.

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Sudoku Uno Brings Brain Twister to iPad

Buy Sudoku Uno: Stylish Sudoku for iPad on the App Store

Sudoku Uno is a good reimagining of the popular puzzle game for the iPad.
Sudoku is played by placing the numbers one through nine only one time each in rows and columns. Traditionally it is played in newspapers or consumable Sudoku books.

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Word Absurd is an Uncommonly Good Word Search

Buy Word Absurd - Word Search Puzzle Book on the App Store

Word searches are all the more fun when you're searching for the bizarre words rather than the mundane. Word Absurd by developer new-comer Trephination Proved Worthless LLC is a collection of word searches where the hidden words are slightly more unique than the standard fare.

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