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Try Your Luck at Viaden Magic Slots

Buy Vegas Slot Machines on the App Store

Part of Viaden’s series of slots games that brings the casino to your mobile device, Viaden Magic Slots may be the best value of them all. Four slot games are included with a free bonus game available for registering.

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Hipstamatic Develops Vintage Pics from Your Modern iPhone

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"Digital never looked so analog," says Hipstamatic's App Store description, and that's the key to this funky photo app's appeal. Hipstamatic gives you a choice of three lenses, three films, and two types of "flash." These last, of course, do not make your iPhone flash at your subject; rather, they apply different brightening algorithms to your final product.

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FanFeedr Gets Social with Sports Coverage

FanFeedr attempts to give a Twitter-like information stream of sports scores and news articles to make your fan experience more social.
FanFeedr ditches the standard formula of just displaying scores and sports news.

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Add Color to Your Life and Your Photos with Colorize

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Colorize is an iPhone app that lets you create and recreate colorful pictures with the stroke of a brush – or really your finger. Developed by Widgetize, Colorize is a creative photography editing application that allows re-coloring of entire photos or specific parts of a photo at different levels of saturation.

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Space Miner: Space Ore Bust Spins a Creative Story Around an Old Game

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Space Miner: Space Ore Bust is a dual-stick, Asteroids-style shooter with a brain and a funny bone. It shows off what a little creative storytelling can do for a game that is a fairly well-worn—and decades-old—idea.

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Busy Moms Rely on Intuition to Get Things Done

A productivity app with a claim of being “designed by moms, for moms,” Intuition makes it easy to organize the tasks every family manager (a.k.a. mom) needs to tackle. With an array of included categories as well as customizable options all organized into a list view, Intuition is more than just a to-do list and is quite a comprehensive personal assistant with the potential to simplify hoards of information, lists and notes.

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