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Zombie Smash: Visceral Evisceration

Buy ZombieSmash on the App StoreVisually and thematically, Zombie Smash may remind you of its somewhat more lush castle-defense cousin Plants vs. Zombies. Sound effects are similar too, as are the as-you-go instructions that appear over your screen.

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Rediscover Your Groove With a Smarter Music Player

Buy Groove – Music Player & Smart Playlists on the App StoreA newbie in the long and growing list of music apps, Groove lets you take your music library for a new spin by providing a quick and easy way to listen to your songs. Groove was designed to help users “rediscover” their music library and it accomplishes this by being organized, intuitive, and bit more than “genius.” Groove’s options are simple.

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Glee for iPhone and iPad Unites Gleeks the World Over

Buy Glee Karaoke on the App StoreWith a couple of App Store successes—like Ocarina and I am T-Pain—under their belt, Smule has partnered with FOX to unite Gleeks around the world with the new Glee app for iPhone and iPad.

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Decoding the iPad - We Answer Your Questions about iPad Technology

Apple set up some pretty high expectations with its promise of a "revolutionary and magical" device. Based on our experience and most reviews the iPad meets many of its lofty expectations. iPad is the first mobile device that comes close to being a laptop replacement.

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Cartoon Sprint: Added Hurdles: New Record of Personal!

Buy Cartoon Sprint: Added Hurdles on the App StoreCartoon Sprint: Added Hurdles only knows broken English and it's incredibly simple, nevertheless, many people can't bring themselves to put it down. Like many of the hand-drawn apps that came before it, Cartoon Sprint even made it into the Top 100 for awhile.

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How to Print from the iPad

How to Print from the iPadDesigned to fill the gap between smartphones and laptops, the iPad is marketed as a mini computer that's fun to use when it comes time to get some work done. And, if you're using their iWork suite of iPad apps, including Keynote, Pages, and Numbers this may be true.

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