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Headset App Makes for an Inexpensive and Handy Alternative Wireless Headset

Buy Headset on the App StoreWith the ever-growing list of practical applications for iPhone users that allow your iPhone to become an all-in-one device, sorting out the good from the bad is the only rub. While you may not have been looking for a way to turn your iPhone into a wireless headset, Shape Services' Headset is an app that does just that.

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Bella Boo is one Tough Zombie Fairy

Buy Bella Boo on the App StoreBella Boo won't be winning any beauty contests. But she will keep you entertained with a pretty fun and addicting game. As Bella Boo the zombie fairy, you must battle a series of floating creatures, demons, and other evil forces who have invaded your cozy homeland of Dark Wood.

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Pounce Takes the Solitary Out of Solitaire

Buy Pounce on the App StorePounce takes the solitary out of Solitaire, according to its developer, Double Apps. It’s a multiplayer card game that goes by many different names including Nertz, Canfield, Blitz, Grouch, Peanuts  and Nerf.

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Transylvania Adventure is Ideal iPhone Adaptation of a Classic

Buy Transylvania Adventure on the App StoreIf you missed last year’s Halloween special when Transylvania Adventure was offered for free, fear not – the game is still available for a mere $0.99, which in the App Store is the next best thing.

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Dreamwalk is a Bargain Hunter's Dream

Just released this week, Dreamwalk is touted as “the mobile treasure hunt” and in essence, that’s pretty much what it is. It sort of equates to commercialized geocaching, but it’s really a pretty simple concept.

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Strategic Board Game Lovers Unite! Boardz is Online Play

Buy Boardz on the App StoreBoardz is an iPhone app that contains four classic two-player strategic board games – Chess, Go, Shogi, and XiangQi. It is designed to work over a network connection and seeks out other players as opponents.

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