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Tell Someone You Love Them With An App to Tell

Buy An app to tell : Declare your love with style for Valentine's Day on the App StoreIf sending traditional candy hearts and embossed greeting cards to your special someone is not your style, then check out this Valentine’s Day app. An App to Tell is a new iPhone app that lets you tell someone how you feel about them by creating an app just for them that expresses your sentiments in text, audio, a picture, or all three.

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dizm SKATE has the Attitude, but is a Rough Ride

Buy dizm SKATE on the App Storedizm SKATE - Most skateboarding aficionados regard Touchgrind as the pinnacle of apps in this category. It has an innovative interface and captures the rough and uneven nature of pulling off tricks on a skateboard.

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Is Comedy Sidekick a Dynamic Duo in the Making?

Comedy Sidekick is a slightly goofy app that may have been designed with the intention to inspire the comic within, but comes off more like a bad night at the improv. In order to fulfill useful suggestions like livening up an office party or conference call, Comedy Sidekick supplies what can only be assumed are examples of introductions, opening acts, and a catch phrase.

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Relix Is Easy to Learn but Can Be Hard to Beat

Buy Relix on the App StoreMark Mengelt’s Relix is one of those “easy to play, lifetime to master” kinds of match-up games that keep you engaged for hours on end. The objective is to clear game tiles from each level—there are 50 in all—by strategically moving them around the board to match up two or more tiles.

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Think, Swipe, and Evolve into a Swipehead

Buy SwipeHead on the App StoreWith the overwhelming collection of puzzle apps available a few truly smart and original ones must surely get lost in the shuffle. This is obviously the case with Swipehead by Wizkeit Games and Vive Technologies.

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Voice Mark Lets You Audio Tag and Go

Voice Mark — If you and your iPhone 3G or 3GS get around a lot, you may find it’s sometimes hard to remember your impressions about each place you've visited. GeoGraffiti’s Voice Mark provides you with the ability create audio geotags of each location that interests you as well as listen to the audio geotags created by other users of this app.

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