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Don't Fret the Parking Lot With Park'n Find in Hand

Whether it’s a crowded mall parking lot during a busy shopping season, the movie theater lot, or even the downtown parking garage, Park’n Find for iPhone makes it easy to remember where you parked and helps you find your car again.

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DropZap is Puzzle Action Without Dropping a Dime

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DropZap is a new action puzzle game available for iPhone and iPod touch that proves you can still get something good for free. Resembling other block puzzles only slightly, DropZap is set on 7 x 7 grid of squares.

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Grab Rocket Bird While You Can

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Rocket Bird by Be Tomorrow is a simple, silly, yet whimsical game that features a bird, a rocket, and many country farm obstacles. The app presents a clear, simple objective – fly as far as you can.

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Become Santa's Helper with Santa's Run

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Looking for a festive game to put you and your iPhone in the holiday spirit? Santa’s Run is a seemingly simple game that lets you lend Santa a hand by delivering gifts to homes around the world.

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Yoritsuki Provides a Room with a View

It’s unlikely that you travel enough to have stayed at a hotel or inn with a view so stunning you’d like to take it with you on your iPhone, but that could be because you’ve never visited the fictional Japanese inn, Yoritsuki.

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iChapaev Puts a Russian Twist on Checkers

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iChapaev by MaxNick is supposedly fashioned after a Russian board game, but I have no real idea. At first glance, it resembles checkers a great deal. However, once you start playing it, it more so resembles a checker fight between two rivaling siblings.

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