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Disneyland iGuide by Walkee is a magical link to Walt's Kingdom

Buy Walkee iGuide to Disneyland on the App StoreI wasn't too sure I could test the Disneyland iGuide by Walkee without a visit to the "happiest place on Earth." However, since my app purchase did not include a ticket I realized I'd just have to give it my best shot.

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Zamodo Faces Serves up Indie-Art Wallpaper in 3 Yummy Designs

Zamodo Faces Serves up Indie-Art Wallpaper in 3 Yummy DesignsEach collection in Zamodo's new line of iPhone Wallpaper apps features 10 clean, vector-y, candy-coated artworks designed to look like faces. They have just the right dash of whimsy and cool to give your device a little attitude that says, "I may ride the waves of popular culture, but I'm still a kid at heart."

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iBalls:Steel Lets Players Compete for Serious Cash

Buy iBALLS:STEEL - FREE on the App StoreiBalls:Steel — So, by now you've had some time to play around with TightWire. And you may be thinking, "Hey, I've got this accelerometer thing down!" I'm so good, I should get PAID for this.

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uKnowit Crams a Whopping 10,000 Quotes, Facts, Trivia into One App

Have you ever been stuck mid-sentence because you don't know how to refer to that group of wild boars crossing the expressway? Or spent sleepless nights wondering what type of insanity might make a man think he is an ox?

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TightWire's Accelerometer Acrobatics is a Game for Big Boys (Really Big Boys)

Buy TightWire on the App StoreIf you think you've got what it takes to master the accelerometer then plunk down your dollar and play with the big boys on the TightWire.

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InvestCalc Gives a Detailed View of Financial Future

Buy InvestCalc on the App StoreInvestCalc is a handy calculator app that (unsurprisingly) provides users with the ability to calculate how their money might grow over the life of an investment. The app can also calculate debts such as long-term loans and provides an amazing amount of financial insight for $0.99.

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