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Go Fourth With Firework Frenzy

When I first saw Firework Frenzy in the App Store I was reminded of an older online game with a similar name where you exploded fireworks of different shapes by filling them in with puzzle pieces.

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PDF Reader Pro Could be Useful Depending on Your PDF Point of "View"

PDF Reader Pro has been updated since our initial review. For the most up-to-date information, check out our new review of PDF Reader Pro for iOS.
Truth be told, there are several iPhone applications that are designed to be .pdf readers.

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Should You Upgrade to the New iPhone 3GS?

I bought my first iPhone soon after it came out, almost 2 years ago. I bought my second iPhone last week, and received it 2 days ago. It was the smartest thing I've done since buying my first iPhone and here's why:
The iPhone 3GS is waaayy faster than my 2G.

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Bomberman Touch 2- Volcano Party is Still a Let Down


Bomberman Touch 2- Volcano Party was originally launched in the US in 1987 and since then has come out in 60 versions for nearly every game platform. Hudson Soft, the developer, says that it has sold more than 10 million copies.

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Music iQ Tests Your Music Recognition

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I smartly downloaded Music iQ before embarking on a four-hour car ride.  Perfect timing!  I entertained myself, the car trip went more quickly, and I discovered I am terrible at remembering the names of songs, even when I recognize a tune.

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Battleship By Pen - Sink or Swim?

If you ever played battleship as a kid, then no doubt you can appreciate Battleship by Pen. Created by RedMadRobot, Battleship by Pen gets bonus points from me for originality in design. An app that appears to have been drawn entirely by hand on graph paper with a blue Bic pen, Battleship by Pen is the same concept as the original board game, but with some original features of it's own.

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