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LinkedIn Releases App for iPhone

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LinkedIn, the leader in business social networking (at least in the US), has launched an iPhone version of its popular web service. Much like Facebook, the main function of this app is to provide a quick way to contact people that you have connected with online, but you don't have an up-to-date email address for.

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Going Bananas for Chimps Ahoy Lite

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If you've ever played Arkanoid or Breakout, you'll get the point of Chimps Ahoy right away. The main difference between those iconic games and Chimps Ahoy is that with Chimps Ahoy you're controlling "bumpers" or chimps on both sides of the screen.

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Aye Tides Launches Overpriced Tide App

Based on the desktop mac application "Mr Tides", Aye Tides is a new app for iPhone that gives you tide measurements for 7000 tide stations worldwide. The app works, but given its steep price tag ($14.99), we can't find any reason to recommend it over the free (but somewhat buggy) "Tides" app.

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Koi Pond: Find Zen Bliss With Relaxing Pool of Virtual Fish

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The intrepid Blimp Pilots development shop just released Koi Pond 2.0 with a variety of new features. The 1.0 version was great; the 2.0 version adds a variety of improvements to the Zen experience that is Koi Pond - movable lily pads, 3D sound, the ability to feed your fish (try shaking the phone), and finger nibbling (hold your finger still in the water and see what happens).

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Paper Football Lite for iPhone

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Paper Football Lite by Jirbo is a fun little app that lets you relive your glory days on the paper football gridiron, aka the school lunch table. You take turns pushing a little paper football across a table, attempting to land the football on the edge of the table closest to your opponent.

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Crossword Light is decent, but keyboard is annoying

If you like crosswords (as I do), you might wonder what the experience is like on the iPhone. The first app that I tried in this category, Crossword Light by Stand Alone Inc, was better than I expected, but not quite good enough that I would use the app on a regular basis.

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