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AOL Instant Messenger -- needs the Next Gen Firmware

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AOL Instant Messenger for iPhone is a fine product, and works just the way you would expect it to -- with one major flaw: unless the application is open (and currently you can have exactly one application open at a time), you don't get alerted when you receive a message.

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Crazy Disco — An App to Get Your Disco Game On

You've seen Crazy Disco in the App Store. You get the premise—it's a spinning disco ball—but you may be wondering, just when might you need a "crazy" spinning disco ball?
Imagine you just snuck out of your window, stole your dad’s sweet Gremlin and headed out for a night at the roller rink.

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The Only Thing You'll Get is an iBeer Hangover

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iBeer is a virtual beer application that allows you to "virtually" drink a beer by tipping your iPhone sideways.
To start the application you press a large red button. What this has to do with drinking beer is not clear.

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Crash Bandicoot - a Top Notch Racing Game

Crash Bandicoot, now published by Vivendi Mobile, is originally a PlayStation game developed by Radical Entertainment which has sold over 40 Million copies.
Crash Bandicoot Nitro Cart 3D is a racing format set in the make-believe "Wumpa Islands"; the objective is to race around the track, avoiding oil slicks and enemy fire, and targeting "crates" containing goodies like extra lives and exotic weapons, such as surface to air missiles.

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Rave Light Wows with Color

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This little light app has just one function, and it does it in a playful way that is easy to use and loads of fun. To get started, tap the app and shake your groove thang. *Pulsating music optional.

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"Restaurant Nutrition" - don't go near this app

"Restaurant Nutrition" is one of the worst executed, most pointless apps in the entire app store. Let's start with the premise: the app is designed to show you the "nutritional value" of meals in fast food chains such as Arby's and Burger King.

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