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PegJump -- a Well Done, Simple, Free Game.

PegJump is an iPhone version of the traditional game where you jump over pegs trying to leave exactly one peg. The graphics are good, the price is right (Free), but the app could be improved with a few sound effects.

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QuickLight is a Super Simple Lighting Solution

Of all the light-shedding apps we've tested, the simplest app to use of the bunch is QuickLight. It offers limited choices and ease of use. Double-tap the screen to bring up your options. Choose between three colors or "concert" setting.

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Too many apps causes "Apple Screen of Death"

My iPhone died 12 hours ago, resulting in a frozen Apple logo that is now termed the "Apple Screen of Death". Doing a hard reboot (holding down both the home and sleep keys) didn't work -- and iTunes failed to recognize it, making a complete restore impossible.

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Pandora close to shutting down? Say it ain't so...

According to the Washington Post, one of Appcraver's absolute favorite applications, Pandora, is on the verge of shutting down.
"We're approaching a pull-the-plug kind of decision," said Tim Westergren, who founded Pandora.

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Enigmo - very clever, but not for everyone

Enigmo, an iPhone app from Pangea Software (makers of Cro Mag Rally), is an extremely original game involving moving drops of water between vases. The idea is to grab certain accessories (for example, a drum, which makes the water bounce, and redirect the drops so that they move according to plan.

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UrbanSpoon - a must for iPhone foodies

Buy Urbanspoon - Restaurant & Food Reviews on the App Store

Urban Spoon is a small Seattle startup (three employees as of last year: see this coverage), focused on the restaurant review space. Unlike Yelp, which relies on social/user reviews, UrbanSpoon took the approach of incorporating existing review data from trusted sources like CitiSearch.

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