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Beatmaker is a sophisticated remix tool for the iPhone

In the late 1990's, a product called MixMan allowed you to create your own remixes of popular artists loops on your PC. Now, there is an equally sophisticated product called BeatMaker for your iPhone.

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Interview with Andrew Stone of BigStonePhone

To finish off the week the AppCraver crew interviewed Andrew Stone of development shop BigStonePhone, developers of popular iPhone apps TalkingPics, iGraffiti and Twittelator.
AppCraver: When did you start developing apps for the iPhone?

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LOLCats: Cute, but not always LOL

Cats, yes. LOL, well maybe not so much. The LOLCats app from MC Development brings up photos from flickr with the tag LOLCats. Unfortunately, as with anything that relies on folksonomy, your mileage may vary.

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PocketPedia is a cool little app for saving collections of books

PocketPedia is an app that allows you to search for books (or cds) on Amazon, and then store the results in folders. So, for example, you can create list of "cook books" and then include all your favorite cookbooks.

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Stay in Tune turns your iPhone into a Guitar Tuner

Buy Stay In Tune - Chromatic tuner on the App Store

If you play the Guitar, you'll want to get one of the many guitar tuning apps currently available. Of these, "Stay in Tune" seems to be one of the more popular, although Tyro Tuner, Omni Tuner, Cleartune and InTuna all do the same thing -- use the internal microphone to tune a standard 6 string guitar.

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Problems with iPhone blamed on Infineon Chip, Software fix rumored

According to Business Week, there is a single cause for all the problems that have plagued the initial launch of iPhone 2.0: the german Infineon Chip Set.
"Faulty software on the chip causes problems when the iPhone needs to switch from wireless networks that allow for faster Web downloads to slower ones", the magazine said.

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