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Family-Friendly Road Trip Games: Apps to Keep Kids Happy in the Car

Family-Friendly Road Trip Games: Apps to Keep Kids Happy in the CarThe challenge of a road trip is keeping everyone happy. These classic road trip games are updated for iPad and iPhone so the whole family can play together.

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3-Minute Baseball is iOS App of Strategy and Statistics

Buy 3 Minute Baseball on the App StoreIt's the bottom of the ninth, the bases are loaded and your team is up by three. Do you keep your pitcher in who has thrown a solid game or do you bring in your star closer? These are the types of questions, that as a manager, you'll have to know in Strat-O-Matic's 3-Minute Baseball app where putting in a southpaw closer might bring you the victory you've practiced for all year.

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Cometkaze is Intergalactic Physics-based Game with a Love Twist

Buy Cometkaze on the App StoreI've often wondered what it would be like to play Angry Birds in space, except the bird would be a comet and the game would mash together the fierce style of a Japanese fighter pilot with the speed of light and the physics of space.

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5K Runner Takes You from Couch to Running 3 Miles

Buy 5K Runner: 0 to 5K run training, couch to 5K Pro on the App StoreThe fast track to becoming a runner starts with the 5K Runner app, one of the best iPhone running apps I've tested. Packed with coaching tips, a training program and a lot of interactive content, this app gets you from couch to 5K (or 3.1 miles) in 8 weeks.

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Stop the Presses with Meporter

Buy Meporter - Local Area News & Events - The Beat on the Street on the App StoreMeporter - Citizen journalism has been all the rage of late, with sites like Patch and CNN's iReport encouraging users to submit articles and multimedia. Local newspapers have especially taken the brunt of newspaper closures, often leaving a gap in coverage for many communities.

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Absolute Instant iPhone Shooter Teleports Gamers to a New World

Buy Absolute Instant on the App StoreBoy meets girl, girl eats fruit, Celestians create an empire, take over the world with their mystical forces and oppress the children of Terrestrians for centuries. We've all heard this story before, right?

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