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Squibble for iPhone Well-Suited as a Handheld Game

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Remember wacky wall-walkers? Telling as this question is, it is the first thing that came to mind when playing Squibble – a relatively new 2D platformer built with handheld intuitiveness for easy play.

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Compare Music Collections with Venntunes

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Venntunes makes comparing music from one iOS device to another as easy as bumping phones.
When using Venntunes, users can learn which artists are on a friend's device as well as those that get the most play.

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Texas Hold'em Poker Takes Amateurs to Hold'em Superstars

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Winner, winner chicken dinner. Yes, that's a Black Jack term and a bad one at that, but what I’m reviewing here is the good old Texas Hold'em Poker app from Viaden Mobile. Be it the three months I lived in Las Vegas in first grade or the multiple "Vegas, baby, Vegas" trips I've taken over the years on multi-day road trips with my brother, I'm intrigued with all-things poker.

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Snapbucket Offers Customizable Photo Filters

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With more than 100 million users, the photo sharing behemoth Snapbucket, its newest venture that is much more than just a photo filter app.
Snapbucket, in my opinion, is the next-generation of photo sharing apps.

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KipCall Connects to Your Facebook Contacts By Phone or Email

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iPhone apps already access Facebook to sync profile pics and manage contact information. But KipCall offers more - the ability to make free calls to FB friends.

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Viddy is Instagram for Video - Edit, Add Effects, to iPhone Movies

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With the natural progression of improved video capabilities on such devices as the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and the Android platforms, app developers have been very busy producing video-inspired apps.

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