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Viddy is Instagram for Video - Edit, Add Effects, to iPhone Movies

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With the natural progression of improved video capabilities on such devices as the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and the Android platforms, app developers have been very busy producing video-inspired apps.

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Coconut Dodge is Crabtastic Gold on iPhone

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Do you ever wonder what those little sand crabs at the beach are doing when they’re scurrying across the sand? Me too. I believe they are looking for gold. Yes, bright, shiny and delicious gold.

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Royal Wedding Apps: Download Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Royal Wedding Apps: Download Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

A recently released poll indicates that more than a third of smartphone users in Britain have downloaded royal wedding apps. Some users want news and information, some like the games or royal wedding trivia, others simply want a keepsake.

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NBA JAM HD for iPad is on Fire - BOOMSHAKALAKA

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I am currently in embroiled in a basketball battle of epic proportions. And no, it has nothing to do with my beloved Trailblazers hanging on by a thread in the playoffs or the fact that my first hometown team the Seattle Supersonics are no longer super or sonic.

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Virtual Collectors Catch Stamp Art Fever

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Collecting goes virtual with Stamp Art Fever, the first stamp collecting game that recreates specific aspects of stamp collecting while embedding elements of a good game. Players try to build their virtual stamp collection by buying, trading, and bidding on any of over 100 different stamps.

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Grove Keeper Empowers Grandpa to Save World with Magic

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At first glance, taking your grandpa and his friends to war to protect the world in just their skivvies and long gray hear and beards is a daunting task. Add in magical powers over natural elements such as rocks and shrubs and now you have a battle plan called Grove Keeper.

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