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Bet Agenda Keeps Your Gambling Record Straight

While the expression “There’s an app for that” has moved from advertising slogan to cliche, and wound up a punchline, sometimes there just isn’t a better way to capture the sense of novelty that comes along with the discovery that there’s yet another thing that crazy iPhone can do.

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Strategic Foursight Makes You Play Both Sides

Buy Foursight on the App StoreFoursight iPhone Anyone who enjoys simple but strategic board games should have the foresight to download this game while the price is right. An intelligent mix of tic-tac-toe, connect four and chess, Foursight is an enjoyable board game available for iPhone and iPad.

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iOS Apps for iPhone Foodies

iOS Apps for iPhone FoodiesiPhone owners are, for the most part, a sophisticated bunch. Whether it’s because their good taste in mobile devices carries over to the world of food, or because expensive data plans price out the unwashed masses, you’ll see lots of folks texting and fiddling with their iPhones at your local farmer’s market or Whole Foods.

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Where's Waldo? He's in the App Store Again

Buy Where's Waldo?® in Hollywood on the App StoreFollowing up the success of the first Where’s Waldo? app, Ludio has released the sequel, Where’s Waldo in Hollywood. Seekers of the famous spectacled guy in the striped sweater will find familiar picture puzzles laden with hidden objects that put the eyes to the test.

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Click Sport is a Sports-Themed Game of Recognition

Click Sport is a Sports-Themed Game of RecognitionBefore the sports fans get too excited, it’s worth mentioning that Click Sport, a new matching game for iOS, has little to do with sports. It’s a game where images appear in a grid, and the player must tap all the images of a particular kind.

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Super Slobber Dog - Play it for Fun, Play for a Cause

The first iPhone app out of the gate for small, independent gaming company Sheep Haus Productions, Super Slobber Dog is described as “a Saturday morning cartoon mixed with pong and brick breaker.” And that’s a fairly apt description.

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