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Romance Your iPhone with My Virtual Girlfriend

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My Virtual Girlfriend, though it calls itself a “dating simulation” game, bears less of a resemblance to real dating than an iPhone flight simulator bears to controlling aircraft. In flight simulators, the player might get a faint glimpse of understanding of the challenges and dangers of aviation.

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No Pocket Knife Required for Country Living Treemail

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It’s hard not to notice the myriad of iPhone apps meant to creatively communicate messages from one person to another. Valentines Day may be over, but romance is still alive and well in the App Store.

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Don't Drink and Drive! Simulates Driving in a Drunken Stupor

Don’t Drink and Drive! is a new educational game for the iPhone, intended to discourage drinking and driving. Straightforward and well-intentioned as this sounds, it is not what you’re expecting.

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Showdown! Comparing the Verizon iPhone vs. the AT&T iPhone

The promise of an iPhone that no longer drops calls may be tempting many AT&T customers to switch over to Verizon. But is the grass really greener?
It depends. There are many indications the Verizon iPhone offers superior connectivity and far less dropped calls than its AT&T counterpart.

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Essential iPhone Apps for Social Media Addicts

Essential iPhone Apps for Social Media Addicts

The iPhone is dangerously conducive to an incurable case of Social Media Addiction. Symptoms of SMA include the inability to enter any establishment—even a dentist’s office or a Kinko’s—without checking in on Foursquare.

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Plan Your Next Fishing Trip with WFN Fishing Log

If you love to fish, and you have an iPhone, you’re likely already obsessed with WFN Fishing Log. On the off chance that you’re not, this is the new app on offer from, the online community/compendium of all things fishing-related.

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