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Plan Your Next Fishing Trip with WFN Fishing Log

WFN Fishing Log will document the trip for you If you love to fish, and you have an iPhone, you’re likely already obsessed with WFN Fishing Log. On the off chance that you’re not, this is the new app on offer from, the online community/compendium of all things fishing-related.

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Listen in Real Time With Talk Stream Internet Radio Player

Buy Talk Stream on the App StoreThanks to the Talk Stream app by Talk Stream Live, LLC, my son's spring season soccer practices will be a blast! First off I must admit, as a listener and also a broadcaster, that I love Internet radio.

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Solve Puzzles and Ogle Ladies with Shanghai Party Girls

Solve the puzzle to see Shanghai Party Girls in all their glory To the credit of Shanghai Party Girls, a new app for the iPhone, it’s not just a hastily-thrown-together collection of pictures that were obviously culled from a Google image search.

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Entertain and Embarrass Your Friends with Super Friends!

Entertain and Embarrass Your Friends with Super Friends!Super Friends! the app is not to be confused with the campy animated show from the 1970s. Instead, it’s an irreverent social media Q & A game, similar to countless to Facebook applications.

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Boom Boat is a Blast of a Physics Puzzler

Buy Boom Boat on the App StoreDrop bombs and save the world in Boom Boat Boom Boat belongs to a game genre that seems to be in some sort of renaissance: the handheld physics-based cartoon puzzler. After the success of Angry Birds, it’s no surprise that developers are doing everything they can to get their slice of that App Store pie.

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Sync and Share Notes with Sundry Notes Pro

Buy Sundry Notes Pro on the App StoreSundry Notes Pro is a note-taking app that refuses to limit itself only to text. You can include audio, ink, images, even tables and math formulas. Sundry Notes Pro also integrates with an impressive number of other services.

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