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Pandemic 2.5
Developer: Dark Realm Studios Inc.
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Most games depict players as heroes of the land, champions for justice and warriors of all that is good, others allow players to explore more sinister fantasies. In the case of Pandemic 2.5, this means playing as an apocalyptic virus, bacteria or worm trying to wipe humanity from the face of the Earth.

The Pandemic series got its start at the height of the real-life Avian Flu scare a few years ago when the developers at Dark Realm Games thought, "What if?" The Pandemic, and Pandemic II series of flash games were a big hit on websites like Newgrounds where millions guided their disease from an outbreak to a pandemic with the hope of reaching apocalypse. Pandemic 2.5 takes the disease mobile with more ways for iOS gamers to spread virally through Game Center on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. 

In Pandemic 2.5 you take on the role of disease. Which type of disease you choose — viral, bacterial, or parasitic — will affect how the AI reacts, as well as penalties or bonuses throughout the game. To start, you will randomly spawn in one of several major regions and begin to infect the population. And now the strategy begins. You have the ability to control a variety of "genes' that affect the strength of your disease and its ability to infect, be visible to others and cause fatalities.

The goal is simple: Kill humanity, but it's much easier said than done. You can activate and de-activate genes, but governments around the world are trying to stop your infectious spread by closing seaports, airports and public service facilities. Pandemic grows exponentially as you infect billions, and the threat of a vaccine even looms. Every game is randomized, so win or lose, strategizing the best course of destruction offers plenty of opportunity for replay value.

Pandemic 2.5 is certainly not the first disease-game to reach iOS, but it set the standard back in 2007 and continues to do so today. Fans of the original flash-game will be happy to know that the game is a near-perfect port, free of bugs, but with all the high-resolution polish needed to meet the standards of modern players using today's devices. In addition to high scores and achievements through Game Center integration, Pandemic 2.5 brings a fresh new gene system to the App Store, increasing the ways to kill humanity.

Dark Realm Games may have made their name with Flash games, but they certainly shown their prowess within the iOS world. They've taken everything that made the Pandemic series great and brought it the mobile platform without a hitch.

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