Mr. Papi Eat More Burgers to Win


papijump land iphonePapiJump Land is a cute app that involves a little red ball man (Mr. Papi as he is called). The goal of PapiJump Land is to jump around the level and eat all the hamburgers.

There are obstacles in the way of you getting those hamburgers so you have to watch out. Move Mr. Papi around the level by tilting the iPhone or iPod Touch towards the direction that you would like Mr. Papi to go in.

The game itself has a very cute and interesting style of gameplay.

PapiJump Land is easy to use from the first time you open it up. The front page provides quick access to the how to play and settings buttons. The help page offers you a look at all the information that you need to play, including all the obstacles and how to have the app function the way you want it to. The one thing that I don't like is that the help page is a web page that opens in Safari as opposed to it being right in the app itself. It's a minor issue, but it causes the game to close and you have to reopen PapiJump Land after reading the help section.

Once you decide to start a game you can pause it on any level and continue next time you get a chance. The settings give you the option of adjusting the tilt sensor in the iPhone. I like that the app gives you this option because I get turned off of the games that don't have the option and are over sensitive.

PapiJump Land is a lot of fun and proves you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a good time.

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