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According to Apple, there are over 500,000 apps in their App Store. Who in their right mind would want to sift through all of them to find the best? I'm assuming not many. That's why there are sites like the one you're reading right now to find, review and recommend the good ones.

And now, there's an app called Pappaya that takes all of these reviews that we spend hours on each week providing to you and through a special algorithm combines the review data with user reviews on the App Store to magically provide one of the best app discovery tools available today.

This algorithm provides a smart ranking based on professional reviews from several sites, including AppAddict, NineOverTen, iPlayApps, Hitphone, Macworld, Touch Reviews and of course, yours truly, AppCraver. All of these sites provide an enormous amount of review data to pull from, which enables the app to provide the user with an intelligent recommendation of the most popular apps based on professional and user reviews. 

Beyond the smart rankings feature, which is well worth the time to download Pappaya, are a few more very useful tools within the app, including a sales tab. This takes a look at some of the biggest and best games and apps that are on sale the minute their price drops. I'm always looking for great deals so I use this feature a lot.

The latest apps tab provides a snapshot of the highest ranked apps newest to the app store. Again, I use this a lot since I'm constantly looking for the latest, most entertaining and useful apps. This feature alone makes my job a lot easier in discoverying apps that I crave.

To round out the functionality of the apps is a review feed that pulls the latest reviews from the hottest app review sites and also allows the user to read the review in the app without leaving. Lastly is the wish list function. In just about any tab the user can star the app to create a list of their must have apps. This is great for saving for later, especially if there is a weekly app budget to adhere to.

For its intuitive interface and highly useful smart ranking and sales functions, Pappaya is a must download. Seriously, the sales function alone is well worth the time and effort it takes to download this free and very useful app discovery tool.

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  • Gregoire

    Thanks for the kind wors Greg. We are really happy to feature your reviews in the app. Keep up the good work!