Rule the Lot with Park Rush HD

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park-rush-hd-ipadPark Rush HD will have you frantically racing through a parking lot to park and retrieve cars for customers with a short fuse.

The game launches with you choosing either Johnny or Lilian to manage the parking lot. Customers begin to appear who need their car safely relocated. The line slowly grows with people—many of whom look the same. Yet another line begins to appear on the other side of the screen as customers return to reclaim their car.

Unfortunately for you, the drivers exhibit in Park Rush HD are quick to lose their cool. If their cars are not returned quickly enough, your customers begin to turn red and emit steam from their boiling noggins.

By successfully parking and returning the cars on time, you'll rack up revenue and tips. To successfully pass each round of Park Rush HD a set amount of money must be earned. Fall short of this goal and be rewarded with a giant FAIL plastered across the screen.

There is no tutorial in Park Rush HD, so starting out can be a bit of a mystery that ends with you tapping madly all over the screen. However, once you learn how to manuever where to tap the gameplay works fairly well.

You'll want to learn quickly though. As mentioned early, in Park Rush HD, customers have very little patience and start to turn red rather quickly — perhaps too quickly for beginners.

Parking also requires more thinking in advance than one might expect. For example, once a car is in a stall it can't be moved if another car is behind it. Failing to plan for this can result in a game of musical cars that will only infuriate the already inpatient car owners.

In Park Rush HD, as in life, build up your skill and more will be required of you. In other words, the longer you survive the madness, the faster the customers show up and demand that their cars be returned to them.

Park Rush HD is linked to the OpenFeint network so you can share your parking lot glory with other users.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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