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Party Crashers
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Party Crashers for iPhoneThe social interwebs are ripe with parties. However, sifting through thousands of status updates to find nearby parties just isn't the way to go. Check out Party Crashers, the app that gives you the ability to locate, share and create parties all from your smartphone.

Free to download, Party Crashers is easy to setup and only needs to connect to your Facebook account to get started. The only hiccup in the setup process was the lengthy terms and conditions that you have to agree to before using the app. I read through most of it and there didn't seem to be any evil doings going on so you should be good.

Once launched, Party Crashers brings you to the account tab that basically acts as your launchpad, showing you your profile picture (from Facebook), status (I'm a "Party Rookie" as of this review) and various other bits of info pertaining to the parties you are attending or hosting. 

I think one of the coolest and most useful features is the "find party" tab. Well, at least I think it is, but apparently my town doesn't know how to party ... I'm betting California knows how. Once the app is being used in your area, you'll be able to check out Top Parties, Top Hyped parties, Crashable, Most Friends and Celeb Spotting tabs. You can also list out or view on a map. Pretty cool.

If you want to kick things off in your area, head over to the Plan Party tab where you can put in all the details to, er, get your party started, right now. For instance, click on the plan a party or party now tabs to start entering details such as party name, date, time and location. This is an important area as you can select public or private. If you select public, well, then you just might be hosting the sequel to "Project X." Just make sure to bring water for the flaming horses. This app could have been extremely helpful back in my college days as you can set the appropriate age, such as 21 and older should you plan to have adult beverages on hand.

Planning in Party Crashers can be as detailed or relaxed as you see fit. Everything from attire to theme and music to age parameters can be set. This is why I highly recommend downloading this app when you're thinking about planning your next party ... or crashing someone else's. Party on Wayne.

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  • Keith Bansemer

    Love this app! Crashed a party concert in Michigan last night with it!

  • Sarah M.

    I'm downloading this right now! Can't wait to use it this weekend!

  • Jason

    Cool app! I like seeing the parties around me on the map. I'm glad it connects with facebook; makes it easy.