Cut and Paste Function for the iPhone Is on Its Way


If you poke around inside the iPhone's firmware code, you'll find commands for cut, copy and paste, according to several techno-fellows. At the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, AT&T Wireless  CEO-AT&T Mobility Ralph de la Vega also implied the long-awaited Cee Cee Pee is on its way. The problem is that no one seems sure when that's going to happen.

Meanwhile, there's Pastebud, a soon-to-be-launched Web site, which uses iPhone Mail and Safari to work its magic. It doesn't require a jailbroken iPhone and it bypasses the App Store, so there are no worries on those ends.

The basic idea is to cut and paste from your Mail, to Safari and back to Mail using Pastebud's site.  It seems to be an awkward workaround but because it won't be operational until Friday there's no way to tell how good of a job it will do.

Here's how it supposed to work:

  • Install Pastebud using Safari or Internet Explorer, which syncs to iTunes, unlike other browsers
  • Open Mail containing the copy you would like to copy
  • Forward it to your Pastebud address
  • Click the URL in the reply Pastebud will send you and open the Web page
  • Select the text with a tap and hold and release when you've highlighted what you want
  • Tap the compose button to open Mail
  • Tap the paste button to drop your text

The site is due to go live a with free and a $5.00 premium versions. The paid version gives you the option of upgrading your clipboard and hiding the footer Pastebud appends to the end of each paste.

Here's a demo of Pastebud in action:

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