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Developer: Seltmann Systems, LLC
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pathwaysReleased last week by San Diego-based developer Conniption EntertainmentPathways is an addictive puzzle game that, unlike many other game apps of a similar nature, offers a cute storyline as well as fun graphics. Contrary to Conniption Entertainment's other iPhone app, Zombie Invasion, Pathways delivers an innocent but addictive game experience for anyone in the family.

The storyline is simple - two friends, Tommy and Eddie, are exploring in the woods, when Eddie goes missing. The player takes on the role of Tommy who has to find his way through different "pathways" on a mission to find his friend. Pathways offers 75 levels that get progressively more difficult and though easy at first, Pathways is challenging enough to keep you glued to your phone.

With easy navigation using the iPhone's touchscreen, a fun original soundtrack and such a vast amount of levels to play, Pathways provides good replay value. In a game genre that rarely offers characters, the story of the two friends adds to the game. One downside could be that there is no undo function that lets you correct a mistake but while this can be frustrating, it actually makes Pathways more challenging and therefore adds to its appeal. An auto save function helps keeping the levels up to date. Overall Pathways offers great puzzle fun for any iPhone user.

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  • DominoFect

    Tommy is such a cute action figure, where can I find the life-size doll?

  • MelissaHop3367

    This one gets really hard!

  • SeanBMW2001

    Domino, you're so right. But when do you get to play as Eddie? Is it like Mario 64 when you get to ride Yoshi at the very end? I haven't beat this one yet but I'm lookin forward to playing as the Eddie character

  • Tanya

    I have successfully completed this game and I'm looking for games tht are as gripping as this. Haven't yet succeeded in finding one. Please help.