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PDF Connoisseur – Annotate, Sign, Image to Text(OCR) and Text to Speech(TTS) (AppStore Link)
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PDF Connoisseur – Annotate, Sign, Image to Text(OCR) and Text to Speech(TTS)
Developer: Kdan Mobile Software LTD
Price: $9.99 Download on the App Store

PDF Connoisseur for iPadLet me say up front that I detest handling PDFs on mobile devices. Sure, they're easy to muck around with on the desktop and yes, it's easy to view on your mobile devices such as the iPad, but when it comes to getting a signature or exporting a file to a PDF, the desktop reigns supreme. That is, until now. With PDF Connoisseur, all the above and more is a breeze.

The iPad, in my opinion, is a powerful replacement for laptops and desktops for those who want a mobile computing system that can run their business. From mobile payment systems such as Square and word processing suites such as DocsToGo, the iPad is an essential part of my "work from anywhere" environment. And now with PDF Connoisseur, it's an even more powerful mobile workstation that does everything from A to Z for business and personal use. 

The save to PDF function within the app is really all I needed and I would buy it just for this reason. However, there's much more to the equation such as contract signing. This is a very useful feature. Think about how many contracts small businesses (or large) have to sign in a given year. Now think about having to wait to print out each one, sign and send back via snail mail. That is so unnecessary. Or, think about having to open in Illustrator, sign and send or printing, signing, scanning and then sending back. All horrible options. Now, with this app you can simple open the PDF, sign and email.

Also, think about all the PDFs you're received and think about how much time you've spent reading them. I'm sure most of it was boring. PDF Connoisseur integrates a Text-to-Speech (TTS) function that has a built-in voice engine which reads out loud via the built-in speaker. As the app description says, "let your ears do the reading." Within this function, you can adjust the voice speed, select from six languages (English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) as well as read from selected text or the entire PDF page.

Of course, it plays well with others too, including iDisk, Dropbox, Google Docs, Box.net and SugarSync as well has FTP client, WebDAV client and server support.

With its ability to easily fill PDF forms, sign contracts or documents, export, send and integrate effortlessly with cloud storage providers, PDF Connoisseur is by far one of the best, if not the best, PDF tools on the App Store.

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