PDF Reader Pro Could be Useful Depending on Your PDF Point of "View"

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

pdf-reader-pro-iphone-appPDF Reader Pro has been updated since our initial review. For the most up-to-date information, check out our new review of PDF Reader Pro for iOS.

Truth be told, there are several iPhone applications that are designed to be .pdf readers. Depending on your line of work and line of interest, the ability to upload and view .pdf files on your iPhone or iPod touch could prove useful in many ways. I have little experience myself with .pdf readers for iPhone, but recently took a gander at PDF Reader Pro by YUYAO Mobile Software.

Since the App Store user reviews were not all that favorable, I decided to take as objective an approach as possible to PDF Reader Pro while keeping in mind I had no immediate need to use it.

The initial syncing of .pdf files was a breeze, but I have to say the files I uploaded were small in size. Still, for a few pages, it was a quick and painless process.

Your computer and iPhone (or iTouch) must be on the same Wi-Fi network for syncing to work. What few .pdf files I had saved on my computer were almost instantaneously transferred and while I’m sure larger files would have taken longer, at least there was no confusion as to how to achieve the actual transfer. Simply click the wi-fi icon on the bottom left of the screen and enter the IP address into your computer's browswer.

Once your .pdf file is on your device, you can go in to the PDF Reader Pro app and view it any time. There is a single touch navigation feature for zooming in and out and changing pages, but the overall viewing is kind of difficult. There is an option to change from fast speed view to “hight” quality, which is clearly meant to be “high” quality, but it’s not a difference I noticed either way. Other features the developer mentions include the ability to copy and paste, but I cannot get that to happen for the life of me. I figured copy and paste would work the same as it does with OS 3.0 and that simply touching and holding would engage the tool from within the document, but I was wrong. Instead, there is an "edit" function that presents the copy and paste options, but nothing seems to happen when I tap them.

The PDF Reader Pro “how to” doesn’t give any further explanation for how to use PDF Reader Pro except for how to get the file from your computer to your device in the first place. I suppose for further help, the next step would be to contact the developer directly. I have no reason to want to jump through those hoops to figure out how to copy and paste from PDF Reader Pro to say, an email, so I can only assume that if the function exists, there must be a way to make it work.

Since I don’t have any .pdf books saved on my computer, I also can’t attest to how quickly the transfer of one to PDF Reader Pro would be. I do know that if the experience of viewing my 3-page document is any indication, I doubt very seriously if I would be using it to read a book. However, I don’t think PDF Reader Pro was designed to be a book viewer, but rather a way to take .pdf files with you for browsing. There could be instances where you have a report or other important .pdf file on your computer and need to reference something within it on the go. In this case, PDF Reader Pro should work out OK and since it’s in the low price range for such apps, could even be deemed a decent value. However for higher performance and additional functions I might still be tempted to check out some of the others.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Marc

    i just mail my phone pdf attachments. They open and you can read them.
    This dollar application sounds too complicated.
    Another way to get pdfs into an ipod/iphone is to enable web sharing on a local host and just load the pdf file into your web browser. This method however is limited by mobile safari's ability to keep only 9 webpages/pdfs open in os3.

    I don't understand what i am paying a buck for here :(

  • Jennifer Beam

    I agree emailing and viewing is one way of doing it (and free) but the advantage to having something like this is to have somewhere to store the document for viewing later. Sure you can continually go and open your email attachment, but I don't think you can save it anywhere. As I said, I'm not in huge need of a PDF viewer, but I figure it could be convenient if you have docs you need to revisit often and want a quick way of accessing them.

  • Marc

    AFAIK if you mail yourself a pdf it stays in the phone until you erase it.
    You can't modify a pdf in a reader either.
    The most practical solution is to use for revisiting a pdf is google docs and synch pdfs for offline use.
    The best application for that is documents2 for four bucks which contains a spreadsheet and a pdf reader.

  • http://www.dotcominfoway.com/mobile-application-development/iphone Jhon Williams

    This PDF Reader seems to be a liittle bit complicated than the others available.

  • Marc

    I have since purchased a pdf reader called goodreader. The feature set is excellent. current version will be replaced in about 2 weeks or 3. buy it then.
    The programmer has already fixed the bug I caught--nothing major. But there will be other additions to 2.3 and then apple must approve it.

    The app comes with a free client for the mac called iphone explorer. very useful for moving spreadsheets, porn, rtf files etc. into password-protected folders over a usb cable. Very easy to move pdf files onto the itouch, but not well documented.

    GoodReader uses its own engine to read pdf files which excels above apple's. I can handle large files. It can also zoom images larger than apple's pdf engine can.

    I see this program, in combination with apple iphone os3, as making the iphone enterprise ready because of all the new file types os3 can handle including spreadsheets and word files. And now there is a safe place to put them and an easy way to get them there.

    You'll definitely want to check this out when version 2.3 is rtm. And the app is cheap.

  • Johan

    Whem I email a pdf to my Iphone I would like to save it and read it in the PDF reader. Not possible?

  • Roberto Anji

    I purchased this app today (2/1/2010) and it was quite easy and fast to upload the pdf files (there were all 4Mb in size). Zooming in and out also works well using the usual expand/contract finger motions. What I wasnt able to find though was the ability to search text in the pdf file, you can only specify a page number to go to.

  • Dan Anderson

    I purchased this app today (2/23/2009) and found it hugely disappointing. First, It didn't recognize .pdf's in my email automatically. I was able to import them into the app by importing it via a web import button. However, I was frustrated by not being able to put the documents into the file folders I set up. I suppose I could spend another 45 minutes trying to make this product work but it would only compound the time and money spent already.

    Avoid buying this product!

  • Simon Hallis

    I purchased this app yesterday and it's quite a good pdf reader.
    The lastest version supports USB Transferring(finally), moving files to my device becomes a very easy thing.
    BTW, how-to's on their website are as clear as what I'm needing,
    sincerely I think this app gives me lots of convenience.
    Recommand it!