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PDF Reader Pro for iOS

Whether it be for your school project, your office feat, or even your taxes, the PDF is king. If you're used to PDFs, you also know they're at times pesky to work with, especially when on your phone. With PDF Reader Pro, you can put the PDF in its place wherever you go, and always be able to sign documents, find information in pages, and even make your own PDFs wherever you are.

You may remember PDF Reader Pro from when it became one of the Top 10 Business Apps. The first time we looked at this app was way back in 2009! And a lot has changed since then. The latest update from YUYAO Mobile includes many great new features, such as scanning & PDF Creation features, plus integration with outside resources, and more!

PDF Reader Pro is one of many apps on the market that allows you view PDF files. It's unique in that it allows you to not only open PDF files and view their contents, but also to fill in forms from within the program, organize PDFs within your folders, search content within files, create your own PDFs through images and other files, and so much more.

Native PDF support for the iPod, iPad, and iPhone alike is rather weak. In addition to being limited to viewing files online through Safari or in your email, inbuilt iOS functions including viewing or copying text. If you're looking for more functionality though, such as the kind you'd expect when using desktop software like Adobe Acrobat, it's time to turn to the big guns on the App Market.

Better PDF Tools With PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro is a all-inclusive solution for your PDF viewing needs, allowing you to manage all your PDF files while access them and make the sort of edits you'd expect to be able to on a mobile device, so you can get that e-mail out pronto with the needed updates, and save yourself the time of breaking out the laptop.

Opening up PDF Reader Pro prompts you to a main menu where you can choose to manage your PDF files via a simple column complete with folders and more. This is also where you can sync up to the iCloud, download via WiFi, and even download through an internal web browser any PDF files you may prefer. The developers worked hard to offer an inclusive experience without needing other software to get your PDFs and work with them as you please.

Accessing any file is a breeze, as you can simply open via PDF Reader Pro's menu, through Safari, through email, or any other compatible app of iOS's 'open with' feature. The app can also open certain compressed file types such as RAR and even password-protected documents. Because of all these features it's almost impossible to not be able to view your documents anywhere on your device.

Once viewing the file, you can easily fill out forms by selecting the applicable row, and then saving the changes. You can also select & copy text, or look up information through the iOS built in dictionary, Google or even Wikipedia.  If needed, other features include adding & editing text boxes, create folders, and sort all your documents by name, date, size, and much more.

One of the coolest features of PDF Reader Pro is that you can make your own PDFs via images you take. If you're looking for a fast and easy way to send photos in a compressed file, you can import images (or take them yourself) from your gallery and use them in creating a PDF file to email or send to anyone you want. You can of course also use this to scan your own documents and create PDFs with them all without the need of a computer.

All in all you can't beat the features of PDF Reader Pro and it truly is a swiss army knife for viewing and editing documents on the go. No matter the task, no matter your profession, it's certainly one of those apps you should keep in your arsenal!

Though some might consider it a tad pricey, the old saying applies here: you get what you pay for! PDF Reader Pro regularly retails for $5.99 on the App Store, but it's on sale right now and savvy shoppers can save 50%. PDF Reader Pro is a universal app for iOS Devices running iOS 4.2 or later.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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