PearMe - pocket memory


Remember the game Memory?  Well, PearMe is memory but with pictures instead of drawings.

For some reason I’ve always liked memory type games and pair me is somewhat fun.  You just touch your screen to flip a “question mark card” over.  While that cards stays flipped over all you do is touch on another card to flip it over.  If the cards match up then they are put to the side, or rather, down in a pile in the bottom right corner.

It might just be my own personal yearning to take a vacation but I liked the photos that PearMe uses.  Many of them are destination focused and highlight nice landscapes from around the world.

When you match all of the cards in the deck, you pass the level and are awarded a time stamp that tells you how long it took you to complete the set.

PearMe is a good brain trainer that I don’t mind having on my iPhone.

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