Pebble Universe is a Physics Game with Rock and Roll

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Pebble Universe
Developer: Itatake AB
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Pebble UniverseLooking for a fun, multi-level physics game that really rocks? Look no further than Pebble Universe – a simple and engaging game that makes playing with rocks a blast. Featuring little rocks of different sizes with big personality, Pebble Universe challenges players to push their rocks down hills and off ledges, causing them to collide with one another to create a cacophony on a large enough scale to destroy the Sootlump monsters. Unique gameplay and well-designed graphics and sound combine to create a mobile game keeper that rocks and rolls.

Each of the 50 included levels are unique in their design and by introducing various interactive objects like propellers and fans, creates varying interest from level to level. Some levels are all about timing, others are strictly based on carefully coordinated taps and a few are just pure dumb luck. The pebbles line up, patiently awaiting deployment, and with a single tap will roll down hills or off ledges prepared to do battle with the enemy monsters. To clear a level, cause a well-placed collision and watch fragments destroy the main monster. Earn bonus points for taking out all his other minions.

It’s certainly true that there are a seemingly endless number of physics puzzle games, encompassing the good, the bad and the ugly. Pebble Universe can definitely join the good. Fans of games like Angry Birds and Coco Loco™ will find Pebble Universe an equally delightful addition to their mobile game library. Gameplay is simultaneously quick, easy and addictive. It’s the perfect game to pass the time or settle down and play clear through. There are just the right amount of elements to keep the level solutions from being static, but always with a clear solution in sight. Factors like frustration and boredom are eliminated with an overall quality in design, including features like instant level restart and an ample supply of pebbles.

Pebble Universe breeds a little comfort via familiarity, but still delivers a unique game with some unique content - and the little pebbles definitely have more personality than a rock. There is even some replay value to be had, in the form of trying to destroy all monsters per level as well as unlocking bonus levels by acquiring the bonus flowers cleverly distributed throughout the game. Overall, Pebble Universe is an all-around winner – strategically priced right at .99, it’s a mobile game that has a more than respectable level of entertainment value with a fun, not-so-tired feel.

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