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peek social networking iphoneIf you feel that you can never have too many social networking apps, you're in luck — another one has just sprung up.

Peek (by Agile Dimension) is a social networking app that lets you find other users in your area (or anywhere, really), who can share photos and things on their profiles. When you run the application, Peek uses your iPhone's GPS to identify your location, which it shows as a glowing green dot in the center of a dark screen. Around your location are other dots, which represent other Peek users. Simply tap on a nearby dot to pull up the profile of that user.

Once you've found a user who seems interesting, you can instantly send them text and photos through Peek. (A future update will also include the ability to send voice messages.) If they like what you send, they can answer you. If not, they can ignore you, or, if you're really creepy, they can block you. (Here's hoping it won't come to that, right?)

Peek also offers a feature called HyperPeek which zaps you to a different location (within Peek — your physical body stays in place!) and lets you poke around at the various users in that area, if the locals just aren't capturing your interest.

Peek is pretty straightforward and it seems to work well, and it's the type of application that could probably be a lot of fun. The problem with Peek is that since it's so new, there currently aren't that many users. I live in upstate New York, and the closest person I found was in New York City, which is reasonably close. But the next closest was in Kansas City, Missouri...not quite as close. So much for peeking on my neighbors! (Just kidding — I have Facebook for that!). Presumably this is something that will be resolved with time, and ultimately, it probably doesn't really matter. Peek is more about the novelty and some minor voyeurism than making any sort of meaningful connections, I would venture.

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