Peggle is Peg Popping Pandemonium


peggle iphone appPeggle - It has to be said that I really enjoy Pop Cap games. Most are easy enough to play, complete enough to be a fair amount of lasting fun, and while I may scoff at the price to add them to my iPod touch, I usually find them to be worthy enough.

Both Bookworm and Bejeweled 2 have proven pleasing enough in their App Store debuts and now the appearance of the award-winning Peggle gives Pop Cap fans something else to cheer about.  

I admit that Peggle is not a game I’d ever checked out before, so it was completely new to me. Peggle first reminded me of Plinko on the Price is Right, except that the chip is really a ball and the role of Drew Carey is played by a unicorn. Well, that and you get power point bonuses and some other cool stuff with Peggle, but surely you can see the similarities. The first few levels of Peggle for iPhone and iPod touch amused me. They are simple and fun to play. The further you advance, the more power point bonus options you can get and use. I racked up over 2 million points before I put it down – and I get the feeling I’ve only scratched the surface.

To play Peggle, you simply aim the ball launcher with the nicely animated scroll wheel to the right and then tap the “fire” button above it. Your objective is to remove all the orange pegs (and later bars) by hitting them with your ball. With Peggle you only have a certain number of balls to succeed, but there are chances to earn extra shots by either catching a ball in the side-scrolling bucket at the bottom or missing a shot altogether. There are “lucky shot” point bonuses, “long shot” point bonuses, and several other hidden rewards.

The graphics are quite pleasant in Peggle, but the sound effects make it for me. A hallelujah chorus of Ode to Joy when you clear a level is coupled with a zoomed in, slow motion shot of your ball hitting the last orange peg. All thrown together, it’s just plain good fun.

I can’t attest to whether the iPhone version of Peggle contains everything the computer version does, but all told, it’s a very decent game. It has longevity, increasing difficulty, and many features that you would expect from the pricier App Store games.

So even though I sometimes scoff at $5.00 price tags for many of the arcade games available, Peggle proves worthy enough. A little knowledge of trajectory helps from a skills standpoint, but anyone can play Peggle and get the hang of it pretty quickly.

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  • Overton Loyd

    Peggle is Peg Popping Pandemonium (via @iPhoneDeck)
    Y'up best app ever!