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Perfect Pic – Slow Motion Video to Edit Still Frame Photo Shots from Movies (AppStore Link)
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Perfect Pic – Slow Motion Video to Edit Still Frame Photo Shots from Movies
Developer: Perfect Pic LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

perfect picEven in the best of photographic circumstances there are some shots that are just hard to capture – and when all you have is your iPhone, those shots are practically impossible. Whether it’s a picture of a dog at a full run or one of your favorite little tumbler in the midst of a back handspring – pretty much any action shot is difficult to capture with a phone camera without a big blurry image. This is where Perfect Pic comes in. A universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Perfect Pic imports videos, has the ability to slow them down and then basically capture them in individual frames. The result is a quick and easy way to turn video clips into the ideal still shot.

To get started with Perfect Pic, simply launch the app and allow access to your library camera roll. All videos will be automatically imported but you can also opt to record a new video from within the app. With your chosen video selected, simply select a playback speed and then tap the pause button when you are near a point in the video where you’d like to capture the still shot. It really is that easy.

Perfect Pic prides itself on being the only free video to photo app and while it functions as normal with the free download, there is an in-app upgrade to “Pro” version for $1.99 that is necessary to apply filters, enable all sharing options and most importantly, remove the Perfect Pic “watermark” visible on all still photos with the free version. Fortunately, users are able to experience the functionality of Perfect Pic for free before they decide if it’s an app they’d pay for.

Without testing the app on a truly fast-action video, it still seems safe to say that Perfect Pic is pretty ideal for capturing a still shot out of a video. The three different playback speeds make it easier to capture the exact moment you want – the slower the playback, the easier it is to capture stills from fast-action video footage. Flipping through the available frames is quick and easy – just scroll through and select the one you want. The option to crop and rotate is available, but if you want to apply filters to the image, you’ll need the paid Pro version. Similarly, if you want the option of sharing the images by any means other than Facebook, you’ll again need the paid version.

Perfect Pic (with the upgrade) is a terrifically simple way to capture still shots from video footage and is probably one of the best ways to capture decent action shots with a mere iPhone camera. Easy to use, easy to share, Perfect Pic makes you want to use video mode for everything – knowing you won’t ever miss the capturing of the perfect still image, you are free to capture any moment with video and create the still shot later. Perfect Pic isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely worth the investment if you rely heavily on iPhone for capturing all of life’s moments.

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  • Jignesh Padhiyar

    Impressive. I've been looking precisely for something like this and I daresay things aren't as crisp even on desktop programs. It's good that the program isn't priced way too high like some of the pro versions.