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Developer: Mark Hughes
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perilar rpg appDeveloper Mark Damon Hughes recently released his third game app for the iPhone. After Castles and Dungeon Dice he sticks with the overall topic and brings Perilar to the App Store, an old-school turn-based RPG that takes players back to the classic games of the 90s.

Perilar is set in a fantasy world where a Kingdom is threatened by monsters and the player creates a character, which goes on a mission to defeat the monsters and ultimately the harbinger lord. The character creation gives you the choice of race (human, elf, gnome etc), job (fighter, knight, thief etc) and stats, which will determine your performance in the game. Weapons and armor have to be collected throughout the game and magic can be used to attack and defend.

With simple graphics and classic game mechanics, this game is not for anyone looking for a flashy new app but users who enjoy old-school RPGs will love it. There is a Java version to check out before you spend $4.99 on the app.

Perilar might need some improvement in terms of iPhone optimization but one could argue that this also adds to its classic qualities. With great gameplay and enough complexity to be challenging it is a gem for those who love these kinds of games.

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    I don't understand how you can think this is great. We have to realize that these old school games used this kind of gameplay because there hadn't been any progress made to the genres. Now that we know how to make a game better (no enemies falling over themselves to attack you, no dying due to ill conceived level structure), there is simply no excuse for awkward and clumsy games like this to be coming out. Although, if you are a huge fan of the genre, the price is certainly right..