Peter Rabbit: Buddy Edition Uses Game Center for Tech-Savvy Storytelling

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Peter Rabbit: Buddy Edition
Developer: Sideways Software LLC
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Peter Rabbit: Buddy Edition is the classic Beatrix Potter tale brought to life and made all the more interesting with the implementation of Sideways’ Buddy Reading System. The Buddy Reading System uses Game Center to connect two devices for audio communication. What this means for parents and their children is that you can read the storybook with your child even when you aren’t there.

Using Game Center for a storybook app, Peter Rabbit: Buddy Edition certainly opens up appealing possibilities for traveling parents. It requires initial setup, directions for which are plainly provided in the app. They may appear a bit complex initially, but tech-savvy parents can figure it out. After that, in order to read with your child, you set up the book by selecting the Buddy Reading option from the menu and following prompts. (Young children will require assistance from someone on their end.) Once the Game Center invite is sent and accepted, you can then read the story and control the page turning from your end while your child looks and listens on theirs.

As a stand alone storybook app, Peter Rabbit: Buddy Edition is a lovely rendition of the classic tale. I don’t particularly favor the recorded narrator for her lack of interjection and enthusiasm at a children’s story, but she does an OK job. In addition to the option to connect through Game Center or hear the narrated version, kids can read the story on their own. The iPad version also includes a coloring book option, but this extra is absent on the iPhone version.

All in all, Peter Rabbit: Buddy Edition is a good storybook app and the Buddy Reading System makes good use of Game Center technology. It is definitely an app best suited for iPad rather than iPhone users, but if you are a parent that travels frequently or is away at bed time and have at least two devices to support it, Peter Rabbit: Buddy Edition is worth checking out.

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