Pharce: Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

pharce iphone appPharce - Sometimes I look at pictures on my iPhone and think "if only I could animate the mouth somehow and make this photo speak."

OK, that's not true. But now that I have Pharce, I can't help but wonder why I never thought that. Pharce allows users to trace the mouth on a photo, record some sound, and sit back and watch as your photo talks or sings. If you want, you can add props like hats, glasses, devil horns or googly eyes, or add additional sound effects like crickets, applause, or a vast array of bodily functions. (Ew.) Ridiculous? Yes. Fun? Absolutely.

To get started with Pharce, you simply choose a photo from your iPhone library and crop the part you want. Next, you trace between the subject's lips with an onscreen pencil. To get it to look decent may take a few tries, but you can redo it as many times as you like, with a quick preview after each attempt. After that, you trace the shape of the subject's chin and you can test the whole thing.

Once you have the animation right, you can record audio. Pharce has no time limit listed that I can find, but it looks to be about 60 seconds. The audio can be anything from just speaking to music — when I tried recording it from my stereo, the mouth didn't move perfectly with the singer, but it wasn't half bad.

After you've recorded the main audio clip and given your Pharce a title, you can add additional effects. There are several dozen to choose from, and you can make visual add-ons larger or smaller or angle them as needed. Additionally, as the Pharce iTunes store listing points out, Pharce can serve as a good replacement for other sound effect apps — you can play them right off your iPhone from the Pharce menu.

Once you're satisfied with your creation, you simply click Send and Pharce emails it you so you can forward the email around (the Pharce will arrive in mp4 format). There's also an option to post it directly to your YouTube account; just enter in your account name and password and Pharce takes care of the rest. It's pretty quick, too — it only took a few minutes and I got my email with the file, as well as my notification that it had been uploaded to YouTube.

A warning, however: while I was playing with Pharce, I got a text message and the app shut down. I'd suggest putting your iPhone on airplane mode if you think this might be an issue for you.

For further information, check out Pharce's website. It's got some helpful hints or click the video below for a walkthrough of the application.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Bobby

    Hey, I'm the programmer for Pharce. I'm sorry that the app cut out on you when you received a text message. We discovered during testing that if you are recording and you get a call or text, it just keeps recording, which can run your battery down and is just wrong, anyway.

    The solution we opted for was to shut down the app when it gets put into the background. Since the app goes back to the screen you were on when it comes back up, we thought it wouldn't be a problem.

    The default max recording length is 90 seconds, I think. You can set it in your iPhone settings page. Just click the Pharce icon within the settings page.

    Thanks for the great review!