Phonescream is Loud and Startling


phonescream iphone anti theftIf iPhone theft worries you, then PhoneSCREAM may be the app to calm your fears. PhoneSCREAM lets out a series of eardrum-destroying noises in the event the phone is lifted off of a surface. If the standard sounds are not quite annoying enough for you, there is an option to record a voice message of your choice.

PhoneSCREAM works like this: launch the app and then press the pad lock icon. Then, set the iPhone down on a surface. When it is picked up, an "Alert" signal pops up on he screen and whatever alarm sound that was selected sounds. Turning it off is quite simple, however. Just hit the home button to close PhoneSCREAM . The alarm also still works if the phone powers down or is put into standby. In this case, upon pressing the home button and sliding the slider bar, the user is greeted with an Alarm sound and screen instead of a typical page filled with apps.

The question is how useful PhoneSCREAM would be at actually preventing theft. It could catch someone off guard should they try to swipe an iPhone that is just lying on a table. Should they try to start using it quickly the alarm and Alert message could be enough to frighten them into ditching the phone. However, with any bit of user experience a thief may still press the home button as part of an experiment to try and end the noise.

This app could be made more secure if instead of pressing the home button an individual would have to enter some sort of password to regain entry to the phone. As it now stands PhoneSCREAM offers an introductory level of protection, but nothing substantial.

If leaving your iPhone lying on a table or elsewhere in public is a problem, then PhoneSCREAM may make life a bit easier. But for the rest of us who keep a phone in a pocket or purse, a cheap alarm will probably not do the trick.

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  • Paddy Tan

    Thank you for the review, greatly appreciated.

    PhoneSCREAM Anti-theft can work together with the current Passcode Lock (Under Settings). Try it :)

    Here's a bit of history of BAK2u anti-theft software for iPhone, and how PhoneSCREAM came about:

    Previously we had another version of anti-theft software for iPhone that functions similarly to PhoneBAK BB (BlackBerry), that reads the thief's SIM card (to trace who he is), his location and to wipeout confidential information when stolen.

    It didn't conform to the requirements, therefore we rewrote the original ones breaking it up into smaller apps to meet the same objective of protecting owner's iPhone. PhoneSCREAM is one of those little apps that we broken up.

    Hopefully, with other new apps approved we can come out with a better more secured way of theft protection and prevention. :)

    Paddy Tan

  • Paddy Tan

    Review - 'Phonescream is Loud and Startling, but not Really Anti-Theft' :)

  • Kwame Danquah Jnr

    The BAK2u package is really great.

    We have been testing for a month and works fine and planning to go commercial very soon.

    Just unfortunate it does not work on "low level" phone that are more common in my part of the world.

    Thumbs up Paddy!!

  • MobileBehavior

    Prevent iPhone theft with the phoneSCREAM app. It's exactly what it sounds like: [Melvin's personal pick]