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PhotoCaddy HD
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photo-caddy-hd-ipadBudding photographers who are looking for some readily accessible tips would do well to download Photo Caddy HD for iPad.

It functions like a social strategy guide, with a collection of advice and strategies for improving photography in multiple locations. While generally you are better off getting longer-form reading materials through iBooks or the Kindle app, Photo Caddy HD does a nice job of offering photo-centric tips that are easy to follow.

The suggestions are divided into different photo-worthy subjects, such as cityscapes, nature, people, night scenes or sports shots. Many of the recommended strategies involve tweaking the settings on a DSLR, such as the ISO settings or f-stop. So don't download Photo Caddy HD if you just want some casual vacation shots with a point-and-shoot. While some of the tips would still apply, most are geared toward higher-end devices and those looking to get serious about improving their photos.

The most interesting feature of Photo Caddy HD is its social capabilities. User tips are available for each of the photo categories. Their usefulness varies, but many of them were pretty good examples of advice. Adding a tip is pretty easy also - just tap on the notes section and then type out the advice. You have the option of keeping this bit of photo knowledge to yourself or sharing it with the community.

It was rather refreshing to see an app with social capabilities that is not locked in to the Facebook/Twitter world. Photo Caddy has built up a strong following with its initial iPhone app and appears to be on its way to doing the same thing with the iPad version. The app is very accessible and contains a large number of examples for a diverse set of circumstances.

Photo Caddy HD is a good option for those looking to improve their photography and contribute knowledge to other photographers. The wide array of tips and examples should help anyone improve their craft.

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