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Photo Delight
Developer: Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store

Photo DelightIf you’re iPad photography arsenal is missing a quick, effective way to apply color splashing to photos, then Photo Delight is one option. Photo Delight for iPad automatically desaturates the photos you load and then lets you pick a color to put back in. The included “smart” mode allows for quicker color splashing as it only colors inside the selected area of the photo – kind of like color fill within an object. Even if you touch, drag or swipe outside of the area the color doesn’t spill over, making it a quick and easy process.

Photo Delight definitely has a nice interface and design. The functions it was designed to perform, it pulls off without a hitch. Loading photos from either the photo library or from Facebook is quick and simple. There are a few other built-in features to increase functionality, like brush size selection, opacity adjustment and an undo button. Fortunately, Photo Delight saves completed pictures as well as projects in the works, so if you’re interrupted, it’ll be there when you return.

Though Photo Delight looks nice and is easy to use, it has its limitations. First of all, it’s an app best suited for pictures taken with color splashing in mind. There is no color pallet to select from, so you can’t apply custom color splashing; it simply uses the original color of the area of the photo you select. You can pinch and zoom within the work space to make finer lines and smaller objects easier to work with and by eliminating some of the fussier aspects of color splashing you can turn a photo into a more creative, color-splashed version super quickly.

If you prefer slightly more complex features and functions or want to always have a color pallet selection on hand, then Photo Delight is not the ideal color-splashing app. The original Color Splash app has some additional, different features to expand creative options, but Photo Delight is a good choice for those looking for something quick, easy and requiring little thought.

The benefits of Photo Delight include ease of use, the Smart color feature that negates the problems fat-finger syndrome normally causes, and quick load and finish times. If you want access to all our photos loaded to Facebook, as well as those of your friends, then Photo Delight accommodates. There is also a quick and informational tutorial video embedded into the app that gives a brief and easy to follow instructional overview of the app’s features – and when it’s an app this simple to use, literally anyone of any skill level can use it to add a creative splash to their iPad photography.

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  • Jon

    This app is awful. No directions for use. Absolutely impossible to do anything... Useless