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Photo Spot
Developer: Nexx Crunch Sdn. Bhd.
Price: free Download on the App Store

If you’ve ever played an old photo hunt game in a bar, pool hall or bowling alley you know they can be terribly addictive. With Photo Spot, Nexx Studio puts that fun right in the palm of your hands. Photo Spot is a puzzle game that challenges your ability to spot the differences in 2 photos. It’s a race against time to figure out what’s different so you can move on to the next level.

Start up Photo Spot and instantly you’ll notice the vibrant yellow and orange letters and mixed green background. The graphics are superb and the sounds are fun and quirky — like something you’d hear in a Saturday morning cartoon. 

Here’s how it works. Start up Photo Spot and you’ll be presented with two photos side by side. Tap inside the photo where you see differences in each of the two photos and the areas on both sides will be circled in green. Remember, to be mindful of time because there is a time meter that not only decreases with time but with each incorrect tap. If you run out of time before you have spotted all the differences you’ll get a lovely sound akin to “thanks for trying” and a red circle will appear around the areas that you missed.

The cool thing about Photo Spot is that it has over 100 images in the full version and 20 in the lite version. The music is fun, but if you’d like a different soundtrack you can also listen to your iPod. Don’t worry about being able to challenge friends. In the full version, there is a multi-player option.

Photo Spot is not without its points of improvement. Many of the taps aren't registered correctly, and you’re penalized if the game thinks your tap is incorrect by reducing the amount of time that you have left. If you close the app and start again, sometimes you get the same photos recycled from your last game. This doesn’t make it as challenging.

The developers of Photo Spot already seem to be on board with adding more images soon to make gameplay last even longer. Photo Spot comes in two flavors: the full version for just 99 cents and the lite version without all the bells and whistles is free.

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