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Developer: Craig Williams
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PhotoFrame offers a simple way to showcase personal photos using your iPhone as a digital photo frame.

PhotoFrame, released last week, adds a functionality so simple that it's amazing it hasn't been done before. PhotoFrame is an app that will turn your iPhone or iPod Touch device into an easy-to-use digital picture frame.

The frame, displays a digital clock with a photo slideshow above, comes with a set if images by default and can be customized with any pics from your photo library. At the time of this writing the slideshow is limited to 6 photos, but the developer is promising to increase this in version 1.2.

The truly ingenious part of PhotoFrame is not that it can display a looping slideshow. It's when PhotoFrame kicks in that makes it special. This little app is designed to work while your iPhone is charging and it overrides the auto-lock setting so you can enjoy you custom slideshow as long as you want.

I'd like to see the option of using PhotoFrame in horizontal mode. Also, it'd be nice to have the ability to set a sleep timer so that if I let my phone charge overnight, PhotoFrame would close automatically after an hour. And lastly, I'd like to see some choices for photo transitions — fade, dissolve, mosaic or a cube effect.

For a version 1 release, PhotoFrame is designed with a clean interface and is fairly intuitive to use. It's a great start for a new app and has already earned a spot on my shelf.

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  • JoshPratt79

    Ohhh, this is so cool I forgot to tell the truth!

    You mean it 'turns' your iphone into a picture frame? I see. Useless if you ask me. Why not just set it on the table instead? Or just buy some glue from Office Depot for $0.99 and stick it to the wall.

    Just an idea!

  • Prattinator

    Josh, live up to your surname much?

    Do you even know what this app does? Obviously not, by your ridiculous post.

    This is a useful app, that achieves functionality not available on the iPhone.

  • leslie

    I don't understand. This app does the same exact thing the native Photos application does but isn't nearly as robust. Just go into Photos, then hit the "play" button on the button. There's your slideshow! And if the iphone is being charged while you have the slide show playing, the screen will not lock!

  • Rick Smith

    This is the sort of thing I waste my .99 cents on -

  • Jake Benjimin

    You guys are nuts! This app rocks. I couldn't be more pleased, it's new and refreshing. A great thing to have to throw frames on your photos...check it out!