PhotoList is Simple, but Not Picture Perfect


photolist iphonePhotoList by Raisix Inc., makers of ColorMatch, is a photo storage app that allows users to organize, rate, and view their photos according to any filing or sorting system desired.

The ability to customize album or file names and add additional tags to individual photos proves useful to those with multiple photos stored on their device. Whether you take a lot of photos with your iPhone’s camera or you regularly email or upload photos to your iPod touch, PhotoList is a helpful way to keep them organized for easier viewing.

PhotoList is simple to use. Upon opening PhotoList, you simply add an album name of your choice, then open that album by tapping on it and begin to add the desired photos, choosing from those already stored on your device. You can add titles or captions to the photos you add and you can apply a rating of 1 to 5 stars. Within each album, you can choose to sort the photos by rating or by name.

The ability to create as many album folders as you need and further label photos, coupled with the easy transfer of pictures from Photos to the app, makes PhotoList very easy to use. Within each album, the individual photos display as thumbnail images next to their name or label and the rating you assign. PhotoList is pretty straightforward.

For those who use their device to take or store multiple photos, PhotoList is a quick and easy way to organize them. One downside to PhotoList is the inability to email a photo directly from the app. You don’t have to keep the photos you label and organize in the device’s default “Photos” storage, but if you delete them you will not be able to export pictures from PhotoList again.

If the option to share photos from within the app were included, PhotoList would be a near-perfect picture storage application. As it is, you will still need to keep photos somewhere else — whether in the device’s default storage location or on your computer — if you want to share them via email.

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  • BethS

    Hi - Thanks for the review! Though the option to send / share photos from PhotoList isn't currently available, it will be once iPhone OS 3.0 is released. So you can expect a new version of PhotoList from Raisix this summer that supports this feature - there will also be details on any updates at